Microsoft Removes Marxist “Disinformation” Labels from Conservative Sites

Labeling political opponents’ media sites with words such as “mis” or “disinformation” is a trademark of Marxist thinking in pursuit of totalitarian goals. Communist China’s Mao was great at it. Apparently, so is Microsoft. 

Microsoft would likely argue it was keeping people “safe” from “lies” (although Bill Gates’s comments expressing a proclivity for totalitarianism are chilling), but the result was to take food off the tables of people with whom they disagreed politically.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Microsoft has removed negative flags for conservative media outlets that have blocked them from reaping key advertising dollars amid the corporation launching an internal review and suspending its subscription to a ‘disinformation’ tracking group’s blacklist used to ‘defund’ disfavored speech.”

Further, “The Microsoft-owned Xandr…, previously abided by a secret blacklist of conservative news compiled by the Global Disinformation Index, a British organization with two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups. Now, as Microsoft appears to be taking steps to distance itself from GDI, the company has, for the time being, deleted flags such as ‘false/misleading’ and ‘reprehensible/offensive’ for right-leaning websites.”

Gabe Kaminsky tweeted, “Some websites flagged as “false/misleading.” What this means is that Xandr slashed ad dollars from these websites based on the idea that their spreading disinfo.” He included a list of targeted sites. 

For example, Salem Media’s “ was labeled ‘reprehensible/offensive.’” They flat out labeled Breitbart TV “Hate Speech.”

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wrote about Microsoft’s targeting affecting “most of Salem Media’s sites… such as Hot Air—got tagged as “false/misleading” without any evidence. Most hilariously, GDI’s public report hailed Buzzfeed as one of the most reliable sources even after its publication of outright disinformation in the Steele dossier, while rating the libertarian Reason Magazine’s site as one of the highest risks for disinformation.”

Could the Republican takeover of the House and proliferation of whistleblowers have had an affect on the tech giant?

Taking food off Americans’ tables in pursuit of political power. Now, that is “reprehensible/offensive.”

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