Microsoft Word Adds ‘Woke Checker’ Suggesting Alternatives To Problematic Phrases

Microsoft Word included a new feature in the latest update of the application’s software that seeks to promote inclusiveness in writing. In addition to the already available features that allow checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes, the change notifies the author when a harmful phrase has been used in the document.

Microsoft Word will look for phrases that fall into categories on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, according to the Sun. The software asks to change phrases like “maid” t0 “house cleaner” and “manpower” to “workforce.” The hope from Microsoft is to give its 250 million users the appropriate phrasing to use in their writing according to the latest progress ‘woke’ pedagogy.

The Times reports the inclusivity checker was created to “eliminate biases based on gender, age, ability, and more.” Microsoft has reportedly hired language experts from every country to ensure that the population isn’t discriminated against in the privacy of someone’s personal writing.

At the moment, Word gives you the option to switch off the “inclusive check” option, which underlines the writer’s thought crimes in purple. Without the purple line of inclusiveness, one might make the grave mistake of using “mailman” instead of “postal worker.”

This isn’t the first time Microsoft is being called out for going all-in on woke culture. In early November 2021, the company released a bizarre video where everyone involved began describing their attributes, including their race and hair color.

A Church of England clergyman has come out against Microsoft’s inclusive update begging for the woke corporations to leave everyone alone.

Marcus Walker:

“I hate this so much. Can I just be left alone to write what I want to write, how I want to write it in the privacy of my own home, please? The creepy view that companies like Microsoft have to police your language at all times and in all places borders on dystopian.”

The Times reported that Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Engineering at Office, Sumit Chauhan, said that the goal of the software update was to “highlight potential blind spots” in society’s language.
“In our products, we want to be thoughtful about stereotypes in the world and to make sure our AI is not reinforcing or amplifying those,” Sumit Chauhan said.


  1. Microsoft and the government need to get out of my head. It was bad enough when they invaded my bedroom, but now they are trying to invade me. I’ve had enough! I am a reasonably well educated (BA degree) woman who has lived on this earth and in the USA my entire 87 years and surprisingly can think for myself. I do not need anyone else to change my vocabulary nor do I need anyone to tell me how to take care of myself physically, mentally or spiritually. LET FREEDOM RING!!!

  2. I remember when I first heard the phrase, “politically correct” back in the late ’70s — I thought, “damn, there’s a helluva fascist idea!” Then I realized that it was my fellow ‘liberal’ Democrats who were the ones pushing it. That’s when I left the Democrat party.

    There are no liberals in the left-of-center Democrat Party and the Dems on the right of center seem to be go-along sheep. I won’t get the new Word unless I can disable the PC pablum. I don’t even need their grammar or spell checkers (which are often wrong because they don’t understand context) and I sure don’t need a wokeness monitor.

  3. I better be able to opt out of that. If not, I have never had a better case to stop paying the Microsoft fees and switch to something like openoffice or Libre office.

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