The Missed Warning: Laura Loomer's Ban By Twitter Was Just The Beginning [VIDEO]

3 years ago Laura Loomer attacked Jack Dorsey during a congressional hearing and everything she said came true.

“You are censoring conservatives,” she said. “I am asking you, President Donald Trump, help us. Please help us, Mr. President, before it is too late, because Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election, to sway the election to the Democrats and steal the election. That is why he’s censoring and shadow banning conservatives. You are a liar, Jack Dorsey. You are a liar.”

After Twitter, Loomer was banned by:

Facebook Instagram Paypal Venmo

GoFundMe Cash app Periscope

NPR Buckles After Liberal Immigration Activist Complains About 'Inflammatory' Picture Of Migrant Caravan

Medium Uber Uber eats

Lyft Chase bank online banking


“You want conservatives and Trump supporters to be shut down, but what’s gonna happen when they come for you?” she asked media assembled outside the hearing room. “We have an obligation as journalists to protect each other, and when you allow people like Jack Dorsey to come in and lie to our elected officials and say he doesn’t censor conservatives, we have a journalistic responsibility to hold him accountable. We have a duty to hold him accountable.”

Sounds familiar?