Moment Of Silence Becomes Mandatory In Florida Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a roll with his protective legislative measures to protect American freedoms in his state — especially those involving the children.

After pushing Florida schools to eliminate the mask mandate and banning the teaching of critical race theory, the governor has now signed the morning moment of silence into law.

According to the new Florida law, each public school principal must require teachers in first-period classrooms of all grades to set aside at least one minute, but no more than two minutes, each day for a moment of silence.

The bill, HB 529, was sponsored by Republican state Rep. Randy Fine. It passed the state House with a vote of 94-24 this past March and the Senate 32-6 in April.

The requirement goes into effect on July 1.

“In this world of technological, media-driven, and societal turmoil, our children desperately need time for quiet reflection,” said Fine. “Because it is in those fleeting moments that we find our higher purpose. That’s why I was so proud to sponsor HB 529, to ensure that each child gets a minute at the beginning of the school day — without a TV on or a cellphone blaring — to think about the world and their place in it. It is my hope that these small moments to become emotionally centered will have a big impact on their days — and their lives.”

The law prohibits teachers from making suggestions about the nature of reflection that a student may engage in during the moment of silence. This period of “silent prayer or meditation” was previously optional for school districts in the state.

“It’s important to be able to provide each student the ability every day to reflect and be able to pray as they see fit,” DeSantis said before signing the bill at the Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, Florida. “The idea that you can just push God out of every institution and be successful, I’m sorry, our founding fathers did not believe that.”

In a lame attempt to distract from the real issue, critic and Democrat State Rep. Omari Hardy, who voted against the bill, tweeted, “The Republican who sponsored the bill said that it wasn’t about prayer in school. (Of course it was!) But when you question their motives, or their honesty, it’s called a personal attack & deemed out of order. No. The Republicans lie, and we need to call them on it every time.”

God forbid we allow children their own reflection time before the chaos of their day ensues.

During the same event on Monday, DeSantis emphasized initiatives to support the Jewish community in Florida. It includes securing funding for the state’s Jewish Day Schools, $1.35 million for the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, $400,000 for the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, $100,000 for the Holocaust Task Force, and others.

Law HB 805 was also signed into law to ensure that faith-based volunteer ambulance services can operate.


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