Mother of Brothers Charged in the Murder of Officer Ella French Also Arrested [VIDEO]

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Evalena Flores, the mother of the suspects -Emonte and Eric Morgan – charged in the murder of Chicago Police Officer Ella French, was arrested attempting to see her son.

Her son, Emonte Morgan, is recovering from gunshot wounds relating to the tragic traffic stop that ended in one officer in critical condition and the murder of Officer French.


The Chicago Sun-Times reported that she began acting irrationally while attempting to see her son in custody at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. The report claimed that Evalena Flores began “scuffling with police and guards, kicking one of them.”

Journalist Ben Bradley tweeted, “Oak Lawn police say they sought felony charges against accused cop killer’s mother for allegedly kicking a Christ Hospital security guard in the groin, but state’s attorney’s office only approved misdemeanors (battery, resisting a peace officer, criminal trespass).”

Flores’s sons are also facing a litany of charges. Emonte Morgan is suspected of being the shooter. Emonte was charged yesterday with murdering Officer French as well as critically wounding her partner. Eric Morgan, Emonte’s brother who did not get hurt during the traffic stop, had weapons charges filed against him.


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Chicago dispatch Officer Keith Thornton Jr. instructed everyone to “stay off my air” as he called for units to head toward French and her partner’s location. The terrifying ordeal played out on the Chicago Police radio was captured on an unknown officer’s video camera.

In a Facebook post, Thorton tells his family and friends not to worry about him. He said simply, “I had a bad day the other day. We all did. Whether one was on the scene, on the other side of the radio as a dispatcher or citizen just listening, or inside the ER working hard to save our heroes. But with time, it’ll get better so as long as we keep our faith, hope, and love.”

He said he loves his job because he “got back up to my police officers in a matter of seconds during the time that they needed it the most.” He said he “was fortunate enough to have my backup with me from the very beginning all the way until now – His name is God.”

The calm and heroic dispatcher called for social attitudes toward police to change, saying, “Our culture has to change. Our society has to change. Our mindsets have to change. We, as people, must change. Do this for me. Do this for her. Do this for our police officers who are hurting each and every day because many of them feel unsupported, unloved, and on edge.”


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