MSNBC’S Joy Reid Only Sees Skin Color, Not Character

Using racialist alchemy, Joy Reid wants the Russia-Ukraine War to be viewed through racism. Reid said, as reported, “Let’s face it, the world is paying attention because this is happening in Europe.”

If you look only for racism, all you’ll find is racism. Give Reid an A+ for creativity. But being articulate and creative doesn’t inoculate her from being stupid. As The Officer Brandon Tatum recently chided in a video, “Yeah, she gets dumber!”

Tatum said, “The left is lunatics that can only see the world through the lens of racism and blackity-black-black-black-black.”

Reid also said the media wouldn’t pay attention “If Russia had not released their horror on a nation that wasn’t white and Christian. Because Russia has already done it in Syria.”

The world paid attention when President Trump bombed Syria, resulting in, according to Reuters, “[a]bout 300 men [Russians] working for a Kremlin-linked Russian private military firm… either killed or injured….”

Reid claimed racial disparity in how Western media (including MSNBC?) portrayed suffering Ukrainians as more “human” compared with their “Browner [sic] and Blacker [sic] counterparts….”

Tatum believes leftists are historically illiterate, “so they revert to racism.” He cites Whoopie Goldberg’s ignorant comments about the Holocaust not being “racism,” because the Jews and Nazis were “white.”

For Reid, Tatum says, nothing can equal the suffering of black slavery.

He astutely points out a conflict has existed for decades between NATO and Russia (Soviet Union), most recently, over potential Ukrainian membership. Russia’s unprovoked attack is big news in the West.

But, according to Tatum, “Joy Reid has to create a lie.”

“We don’t care that it’s Ukraine and Russia, all of that is propaganda,” Tatum says. “They want Putin to look bad; they want Ukraine to look good. Because we have our current President and his son elbow-deep into involvement in Ukraine that people should—at least—be going to jail over. Biden did a quid pro quo on national TV…” withholding a billion dollars in U.S. aid if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s energy company.

Tatum concluded, Joy Reid “will pedal race no matter what.”

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