Nation’s Largest Teaching Union BACKING Critical Race Theory

The nation’s largest teachers’ union, the National Educators Association (NEA), plans to wage war against the conservative movement’s battle against critical race theory. Christopher Rufo announced that NEA “has approved a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts.”

In his reporting, he shared screenshots of NEA action plans that detail the union’s new “guidance on implementation from the NEA president and chairs of the Ethnic Minority Affairs Caucuses.”

NEA’s Action Item says the union plans to partner with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project “to call for a rally this year on October 14 – George Floyd’s birthday.”

NEA says it plans to use Floyd’s birthday “as a national day of action to teach lessons such as Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and others.” The union’s guidance will include publicly promoting critical race theory, including “what it is and what is not.”

The largest teachers’ union in the United States is not fighting for teachers and students to get back into the classroom. Instead, the NEA says it is actively pushing “its support for the accurate and honest teaching of social studies topics, including truthful and age-appropriate accountings of unpleasant aspects of American history.”

This “truthful” teaching, of course, includes the following topics:

  • slavery
  • oppression and discrimination of indigenous, black, brown, and other peoples of color
  • the continued impact this history has on our current society

The Action Item says it will “provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cis heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or the 1619 Project.”

NEA claims that because our nation is a melting pot of people and ideas, and has been since its conception, that “it is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed by academic frameworks for understanding and interpreting the impact of the past on current society, including critical race theory.”

The Action Item asserts that critical race theory is merely an opportunity to teach “marginalized races” the “truth” about the economic and social order “built on interactions between different cultures/races.”

The NEA will need more money to force CRT down our children’s throats. In the 6-part plan intended to push divisive narratives in public schools, NEA claims that “this item cannot be accomplished with current staff and resources under the proposed Modified 2021-2022 Strategic Plan and Budget” as it would cost its members “an additional $127,600.”

The NEA hopes this will “result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic (Native people, Asian, Black, Latin(o/a/x), Middle Eastern, North African, and Pacific Islander) studies curriculum in pre-K–12 and higher education.” Christopher Rufo said, “The argument that ‘critical race theory isn’t in K-12 schools’ is officially dead.”

Rufo says that these “action items” are an act of war. “The NEA represents 3 million public school employees in all 50 states. They have a $350 million annual budget and an army of operatives in 14,000 local communities,” Rufo pointed out. “They have now declared war on parents who oppose critical race theory.”

He said: “Parents must fight back!”

Are you?


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