New Bill Proposed Will Allow Adults to Sue Doctors Who Transitioned Them As Kids

On Wednesday, Sen.Tom Cotton and Rep. Jim Banks introduced new legislation that would allow adults who were transitioned as minors to sue the doctors. The adults who received gender transition procedures could sue the doctors up to 30 years after they turn 18.

Under the bill, Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act, “Patients or their legal guardians would be able to seek declaratory or injunctive relief against such practitioners, as well as compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees. The provisions would apply only to procedures performed after the bill becomes law.”

The bill adds that federal law cannot force medical professionals to perform and offer transition procedures. It also prohibits federal funds from going to states where doctors are forced to perform these procedures. 

The bill defines gender-transition procedure from the definitions explained in a fact sheet from the Department of Health and Human Services. It claims, “Gender-affirming care includes social affirmation at any age, puberty blockers during puberty, and cross-sex hormone therapy starting during early adolescence. Irreversible surgery to both breasts or genitalia is “typically used in adulthood or case-by-case basis in adolescence.”

The bill does make an exception for any medical procedure that is related to chromosomal abnormalities. 

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