New Bill Seeks to Increase School Security

Gop senators Ted Cruz and Jon Barrasso put forth legislation to increase school security funding by $38 billion. The bill wants to double the amount of school resource officers in schools across the country. The new legislation, dubbed “The Safe Kids, Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act of 2022” would use unspent American Rescue plan money.

Cruz issued a statement saying:

“Our Safe Kids, Safe Schools, Safe Communities Act would focus on making schools safer by increasing the number of properly trained school resource officers on campus who can deter and, if necessary, stop school shooters before our kids are harmed, increasing the number of school mental health professionals who can identify at-risk children and ensure those kids get the help they need before they become violent, and providing funding to improve the physical security measures for schools.”

The bill hopes to lessen gun violence by increasing the penalties for those who purchase guns illegally or commit gun-related crimes. The bill also increases funding for mental health professionals in schools to help prevent mass tragedies like Uvalde. 

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