New Poll Shows GOP Lead Increasing Ahead of Midterms

The likelihood of a Republican landslide victory on election day increased last week following a new poll revealing a significant gain in support on a “generic ballot.” According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, the GOP lead over Democrats has nearly doubled to 7 percentage points from its previous high of 4. Republicans are reportedly preferred by likely voters 48% to 41%, with 7% undecided. Among independent voters, Republicans have taken a commanding 16 point lead. 

The Washington Examiner reports the difference is noteworthy because “generic ballot” surveys frequently underestimate the level of support for Republicans. Some pollsters believe a Democratic lead of up to three often signals a GOP win. GOP pollster Ed Goeas explained, “One of the things we’ve always noticed is if the generic ballot is within 5 points, usually that means we pick up some seats.” He also noted, “What we have known on the generic ballot, and this has held year after year after year, if it’s a generic balance within 3 points, it usually means we’re winning enough districts that we take control of Congress.”

The move to the Republicans comes in the wake of alarming indications that inflation is still raging and that consumer costs for food and gas continue to skyrocket.

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