New York County Official Signs Three E.O.s Defying Draconian Mandates By Gov. Hochul


The war against the draconian mask mandate implemented by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is raging on in one of New York’s wealthiest counties. Newly sworn-in Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced that he would be signing three Executive Orders on mask mandates via his official Facebook account.

Executive Blakeman explained that the first order would give authority to require masks in schools for students back to parents and local school boards.

“Parents have a fundamental right to make healthcare decisions on behalf of their children. [The] government may not infringe upon these rights without a compelling reason,” Blakeman said. “School boards are comprised of elected officials who make decisions based upon the unique circumstances of each District. They are in the best position to make these decisions, not an autocracy in Albany.”

Blakeman’s second executive order gives the Nassau County workers the choice of whether to wear a mask at work. The statement says that “workers will not be required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors.” His final order, he says, “solidifies [his] decision not to enforce the Governor’s mask mandate that would unfairly fine residents and small businesses thousands of dollars.”

Nassau County Executive Blakeman said he would not be complying with the Governor’s mask mandates that require him to fine businesses, further hurting the County’s economy.

“Let no one be fooled that we in Nassau County are not taking lightly the challenges and risks of COVID-19,” said Blakeman. “We are taking a very aggressive approach in fighting COVID-19, but this aggressive approach must be balanced by keeping in mind the psychological and economic risks of every decision we make as well as individuals’ constitutional rights.”

The County Executive announced the County’s various testing and vaccine sites available, as well as pop-up events to hand out extra Covid testing kits.

Blakeman said the most important task is to keep kids in school. He instructed Nassau County’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to “make available to every public and private school in Nassau County KN95 masks for teachers, janitors, administrators, and other staff.”

Nassau County Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs claimed that Blakeman’s orders prove that “elections have consequences.” Jacobs said the freedom given back to the people of Nassau County through Blakeman’s orders “gravely endangers children, teachers, and our population’s most vulnerable.”

Democrats outraged over Blakeman’s decision have little to comment on how well the children of Florida are doing.


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