New Yorkers Uneasy “Temporary” Outdoor Dining May Become Permanent

Temporary Outdoor Dining Structure

New York City doesn’t need any more problems, but that’s not how the world works—the Democrat world, anyway. Outdoor dining is normally, universally desirable, but NYC might be suffering another self-inflicted wound. 

Because of the CCP virus debacle, businesses (aside from liquor stores and pot shops) struggling to survive resorted to building makeshift structures on sidewalks adjacent to their storefronts. So, while restaurant owners want to maintain the structures, according to The New York Post, ‘some local residents… see the structures as a haven for rats, trash and crime.’”

Tuesday, the New York State Supreme Court of Appeals decided the “outdoor dining structure” (some call sheds) could stay in place despite some New Yorkers’ complaints. A 31-one-year-old Midtown worker, “Alexandra,” told the Post, “It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what happens in those structures after-hours. I cant believe people agree to eat in Carbone’s patio area [next to the trash]. It is completely disgusting.”

Complaints included trash, cockroaches, rats, drug use and dealing, and even people having sex in some structures. 

The Gothamist reported, “A lawsuit that challenged making the outdoor dining program launched by New York City at the start of the pandemic permanent has been temporarily halted by a state court.”

However, the court didn’t “rule on the merits of the…” case. Complainants could still bring future lawsuits.  

Until the city allows its cops to enforce civility laws–any laws, adding opportunities for blight and crime only adds to the cities’ livability issues. 

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