NHL Hockey Player Gives America Lesson on Individual Liberty

Philadelphia Flyers Ivan Provorov

A displeased mainstream media swarm asked NHL hockey player Ivan Provorov why he refused to wear an LGBTQ-etc. warm-up jersey for Gay Pride Night. The Philadelphia Flyers defenseman said he respected everyone’s choices, and his choice was not to wear the jersey. He said he was staying true to his religion, which he told reporters was Russian Orthodox. 

The Left went nuts as usual. According to FOX News, one Canadian hockey commentator, Sid Seixeiro, said the NHL should fine Provorov $1 million dollars. NHL senior reporter EJ Hradek, on the one hand, said Provorov could think whatever he wants. But on the other hand, he inferred the player should go back to Russia to fight in the war against Ukraine if he doesn’t want to participate in Gay Pride Night.

The Officer Tatum

But, dwarfing his intolerant critics, another group of free-thinking people is showing their support by buying his hockey jersey to the point they’ve completely sold out. 

Collin Rugg tweeted, “NHL player who refused to wear the pride rainbow Ivan Provorov had his jerseys completely sell out on NHL Shop and Fanatic. America hates wokeness.”

Fortunately, Flyerscoach John Tortorella showed his own bit of courage when he refused to bench Provy, saying, Hes being true to himself. That used to mean something in America–and Canada.

The Washington Examiner wrote, “Jerseys for Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov have sold out online days after the 26-year-old refused to wear a gay pride-themed jersey for religious reasons. Both NHL Shop and Fanatics have listed Provorov’s jerseys as ‘almost gone,’ and there are no longer any men’s jerseys with his name and number available.”

Americans are desperate to see courage from people standing against leftist social tyranny. You don’t have to be religious to be impressed by Provorov’s bravery, standing by his beliefs without disparaging anyone else. All of the condemnation aside, it was Gay Pride night at the hockey arena in Philly, and Provorov did play in the game. He just wouldn’t “wear the ribbon.” Like Kramer said on the Seinfeld episode, “This is America. I don’t have to wear anything I don’t want to wear.” 

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