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Nicki Minaj Wants People to “Wake Up” to the Media Not Allowing People To Ask Questions About the Covid-19 Vaccine

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On Monday, September 13, Nick Minaj sent a tweet that created a media firestorm. Minaj took to Twitter to respond to people asking why she was not attending the Met Gala. She tweeted, “They want you to get vaccinated for the Met. If I get vaccinated, it won’t [be] for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. In the meantime, my loves, be safe. Wear the mask with 2 strings that grips your head & face. Not that loose one.” Later on in the day, she spoke about her cousin’s friend, who allegedly claims his testicles became swollen after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

After sending that tweet, the mainstream media, political figures, and Twitter blue checkmarks went on full attack. MSNBC’s Joy Reid ignited a Twitter fight with Minaj by calling out her disappointment in Minaj during her show. Minaj fired back, tweeting, “This is what happens when you’re so thirsty to down another black woman (by the request of the white man) that you didn’t bother to read all my tweets. ‘My God SISTER do better’ imagine getting ur dumb ass on tv a min after a tweet to spread a false narrative about a black woman.” Megan McCain also chimed in, tweeting, “That’s entirely enough internet for today.” Minaj hit back with a straightforward 4-letter response, “Eat s*** you.”

Minaj also responded to a fan who lamented about needing to get the vaccine to keep her job. Minaj empathized and reiterated that she would probably be vaccinated eventually so she could go on tour.

On Wednesday, Minaj took to Instagram to inform her followers she had been placed in Twitter jail and that she would “never use Twitter again.” A Twitter spokesperson said, “Twitter did not take any enforcement action in the account.” She also claimed she was invited to the White House to meet publicly and ask questions. The White House responded to this claim, “As we have with others, we offered a call with Nicki Minaj and one of our doctors to answer questions she has about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.”

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Minaj again took to Instagram live on Wednesday to call out the personal attacks hurled at her, especially from black women and black men. She claims 80% of artists feel the same way she does but are too afraid to speak on it. She continued to call out the media for not allowing people to ask questions about something they will put in their bodies. In her first video, she spoke about the censorship this country is experiencing and how it reminded her of her trips to China and the extreme censorship they experience. She rechallenged the media, saying they cannot accept smart women. She says whenever a smart woman challenges anything, they get called a b**** or crazy.

Minaj shared a Tucker Carlson video where he defended Minaj. Carlson claimed that the part of the video where Minaj encourages followers to “pray on it, decide for themselves and not be bullied” is what enraged the media and public health officials. When Twitter users began calling her out, Minaj tweeted, “Right. I can’t speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. [People] aren’t human anymore. If you’re black [and] a Democrat tells u to shove marbles up ur a**, you simply have to. If another party tells u to look out for that bus, stand there & get hit.”


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