North Korea Continues Testing Missiles as World Focuses on Ukraine

North Korea continued conducting missile tests this week as the world’s attention was drawn to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to South Korea and Japan, Pyongyang launched a suspected ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan for the eighth time this year. The New York Post reports, the missile launch was the country’s first since the Winter Olympics in Beijing ended. China is North Korea’s financial conduit and primary diplomatic partner. 

North Korea’s military drills are likely geared towards forcing the United States to ease sanctions related to its stepped-up nuclear program after talks to shut it down between the two countries stagnated in 2019. Experts believe that Washington’s focus on stopping Russia’s incursion is allowing the North to ramp up its pressure campaign.

Professor Leif-Eric Easley, of Ewha University in Seoul, stated, “North Korea is not going to do anyone the favor of staying quiet while the world deals with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.” Easley also noted that “Pyongyang has an ambitious schedule of military modernization. The Kim regime’s strength and legitimacy have become tied to testing ever better missiles.”

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