NPR Throws Taxpayer’s Dollars in Americans’ Faces, Talking Equity Instead of Liberty on 4th of July

The selfish radicals in charge of taxpayer-funded NPR have insulted the Americans who pay for their existence, by doubling down on woke. This altering of tradition is a huge slap in the face to traditional Americans who oppose the radical leftists’ (race, gender, climate change, etc.) Marxist cultural revolution.

As Town Hall’s Spencer Brown wrote, “The woke taxpayer-funded social justice warriors at National Public Radio ended a tradition started in 1988 on Monday, canceling the annual July Fourth reading of the Declaration of Independence and instead hosting more liberal thinkers in its broadcast echo chamber for a conversation on ‘equality’”

As much as they say they want unity, they don’t. What they want is coerced assimilation into a political monoculture. And one way to accomplish that is to eviscerate America’s traditions. In this case, a tradition that NPR started in 1988: The reading of the Declaration of Independence, the reason for the season.

Leila Fadel, a Morning Edition host, tweeted, “This July 4th we break with tradition. Instead of a reading of the Declaration of Independence @NPRinskeep examines what equality means and has meant in this document.”

Couldn’t they have at least read the Declaration before disparaging it? It’s telling that they didn’t. They know Thomas Jefferson’s words are far too powerful for the meager offerings of NPR’s leftist radicals.

FOX News reported the conversation morphed into a discussion about “the fight for equality to recent rulings by the Supreme Court…” such as Roe v. Wade. Host Steve Inskeep, pretending the insulting breach in tradition was a simple academic discussion, asked some questions.

“What voting rules really give equal access to the ballot?”

“Do abortion laws give a woman equal control of her body?”

“At what point is a fetus entitled to equal rights?”

(How about when he or she has separate DNA)

Then, according to FOX, ejecting any semblance of objectivity, “Without providing explanation, Inskeep said that Republicans wanted ‘unequal voting power’ and connected that idea to the ‘global move toward authoritarian rule.’”

It’s also telling that, while the host’s initial questions appear somewhat objective, his subsequent introduction betrays NPR’s visceral hatred for traditional America and Americans, biting the hand that feeds them.

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