NYC DA Says No Plans To Prosecute ‘Interfering With Arrest’ & ‘Disorderly Conduct’ Charges

Alvin Bragg will soon take his place as New York City’s newest District Attorney. His Day One Memo revealed that NYC would not be getting safer for residents and tourists anytime soon. Bragg’s focus is on “the need for fundamental reforms in the criminal justice system,” always a red flag for people looking for clues on the political leanings of their officials.

The new organizational changes in the New York City DA’s office are aimed at completing the “two goals of justice and safety,” which Braggs claims are not “opposed” to one other but rather “inextricably linked.”

Alvin Braggs claims one of the top five issues in New York City that needs to be addressed in dismantling the “Conviction Integrity Unit” to start the “Free the Wrongfully Convicted Unit.” Braggs wrote, “This new unit will follow nationwide best practices for conviction review and will be led by an experienced appellate defender.”

Braggs plans to “dissolve” the city’s sex crimes unit but increase money allotted to the Hate Crime Unit. NYC is making it clear that social justice will be the only justice. The evidence is in Bragg’s memo, which also lays out the crimes that will no longer be prosecuted in New York City.

“Arrests and prosecutions for misdemeanors and violations can significantly affect people’s lives even when they result in convictions for minor offenses, short sentences, or probation, costing people their employment, housing, student loans, immigration status, and even their children, and contributing to a cycle of incarceration and poverty that is hard to break. Well-designed programs that divert people – particularly individuals in crisis and youth – from jail or prison, or from the justice system entirely, can conserve resources, reduce re-offending, and diminish the collateral harms of criminal prosecution,” wrote Braggs.

NYC’s new District Attorney will not prosecute:

  • Marijuana misdemeanors
  • Fare Evasion
  • Trespassing
  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • Any violation, traffic infraction, or other noncriminal offense
  • Consensual sex trade (prostitution)
  • Obscenity, Fortune Telling, and Adultery
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Obstructing Governmental Administration

Not only is the city not planning on prosecuting the rising crime, but it will also be pushing to keep criminals on the streets. The policy is part of Bragg’s plan to have “non-incarceration [as] the outcome for every case,” with some exceptions for homicide and felony sex offenses.

Braggs ended his Day One Memo saying these changes are “urgent” and need to “take effect immediately.”

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