NYC Firefighters Give Scary Warning Of Real Consequences To Vaccine Mandate Layoffs

Columnist for the NY Post, Karol Markowicz, shared a message from New York City firefighters actively protesting the Covid vaccine mandates. By October 29, all city workers, including NYC firefighters and police officers, will be required to start the vaccination schedule for Covid-19. Any worker who does not comply will be put on unpaid leave until they do.

The graphic tells NYC residents that “almost half of the FDNY is about to get laid off because of the mandate.” NYC firefighters say they respond to almost 600,000 fires each year, and having half the staff will mean disaster for the average 1,635 fire incidents they respond to daily.

The FDNY said it’s time for residents to understand what happens when there are 3,500 fewer firefighters on the job. The department is circulating a letter that states:

“We are there first to start CPR before the ambulance. Sometimes 5 minutes prior. Acts of terrorism, mass decon if someone does sort of chemical attack in the subway. Active shooter incidents, car accidents [where] you’re pinned in your car, kids on a lake fall through the ice, mass evacuation, gas leaks or gas explosions.”

Firefighters protect the city from more than just accidents and house fires. A city like New York with its international attention requires the FDNY to act quickly. Without the staff, what happens when another 9/11 happens?

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