NYC Judge Rules Un-Vaxxed NYPD Cop Must Get Job Back

In a “precedent-setting” ruling, according to the New York Post, a Manhattan judge ruled New York City cannot fire “an NYPD cop who sued the city over the city’s COVID vaccine mandate….” 

Officer Alexander Deletto, a nine-year veteran, had applied for a religious exemption but was denied. The judge noted that the city gave Deletto no reason for rejecting his application (the leftist war on Christianity comes to mind). Deletto is Catholic. The only thing approaching an explanation for denying the cop’s application was “does not meet criteria….”

The audacity of a government entity determining whether an individual holds “sincere religious convictions” should shock any American’s sense of liberty. 

In her ruling, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Alene Bluth said, “The hollow and generic phrase ‘does not meet criteria’ cannot be rational because not a single item particular to [Deletto] was discussed and not a single reason for the decision was given.”

The judge, noting the city must explain “why it made its decision…,” said there’s nothing to show the city “even read [Deletto’s] arguments.”

Deletto’s lawyer, James Mermigis, is known as “the anti-shutdown” lawyer for taking on a slew of pandemic-related litigation.”

Mermigis represents over 20 unvaxxed NYPD cops who oppose “getting the jab.”

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