NYC Mayor Balks at U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Rejecting NY’s Gun Law

The U.S. Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade is today’s earthquake. But, according to PIX 11 News, tremors still reverberate from yesterday’s Court ruling against New York’s concealed carry law that infringed on the right to bear arms.

It’s not about guns; it’s about a person’s God-given right to self-defense. But, as with Roe, Democrats won’t allow themselves to lose anymore. Though Democrat Professor Alan Dershowitz told Sean Hannity the SCOTUS decision goes into effect immediately, sour-puss, anti-gun rights NYC Mayor Eric Adams is balking.

Combining irony and ignorance, Adams said, “the decision ignores this shocking crisis of gun violence ….” Adams has it backward. The ruling specifically focuses on that violence by assuring Americans’ right to self-defense.

The importance of having the right Supreme Court justices sitting on the court can’t be understated. This decision proves it, restoring Americans’ self-defense rights.

New Yorkers challenged the 1913 Sullivan Act. Essentially, for over a century, this has allowed states like New York to violate Americans’ self-defense rights.

But, even when the Court rules in favor of the people, officials like NYC Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell remain obstinate, telling New Yorkers, “Nothing changes today….” And “If you carry a gun illegally in New York City, you will be arrested.”

What would happen if a handful of MLB teams decided they would not obey the rules they disagreed with? If everyone in the league doesn’t play by the rules, then what’s the point of the sport?

Similarly, if New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Hawai’i decide not to follow this Supreme Court’s ruling then what’s the point of the United States? Especially when there are legal ways to amend the constitution just as with changing rules in professional sports.

When officials defy the supreme law of the land, they create virtual secession, as with “sanctuary” cities and states. It leads other officials and individuals to also ignore any laws they don’t like.

This defiance of the rule of law will lead to anarchy, or worse, anarcho-communism. But, that’s the left’s goal, right? And with anti-self-defense Democrats getting so much help from too many squishy Republicans, let’s hope they don’t achieve it.

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