NYC Mayor Makes Political Statement at Met Gala

New York City Mayor Eric Adams attended his first Met Gala on Monday night. The Mayor had been “dying” to attend for years. He arrived wearing a statement suit with a political message strewn across the back.

The back of the suit featured a sewed-on canvas that reads “End Gun Violence,” with a pistol in a red prohibitive circle. The suit was owned by Adams and was customized by Laolu, a Nigerian artist who is based in New York City.

Adam’s press secretary stated:

“The mayor has a great sense of style. And he came up with the idea” of working with Laolu. He wants to send a message specifically. One of the things that is causing problems in our society is gun violence.”

The black and white faces that adorned the jacket were representative of children who’ve lost their lives due to gun violence. 

Adam isn’t the first politician to attempt to make a political statement on the red carpet. Last year, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez turned heads when she wore a “Tax the Rich” dress at the $30,000 per person event. 

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