NYPD Chief Pushes Back Against Democratic, Pro-Bail Reform Assemblyman

During a Manhattan anti-crime summit, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey had a heated exchange with Democrat Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who defended New York’s controversial bail reform law and accused cops of not making enough arrests. 

The New York Post reports Maddrey became upset when Dinowitz alleged that many cops “have the attitude” that bail reform would put anyone they arrested back on the streets. Maddrey stated, “It’s really not their call to decide whether somebody should be arrested because they’re going to be let out. That’s up to others to make those determinations.” He then cited statistics about repeat offenders and highlighted that “there would not be repeat offenders if the officers were not constantly arresting them.” Additionally, Maddrey pointed out that an officer had been shot on Tuesday in the line of duty. 

Dinowitz, a bail-reform advocate, stated that recent tweaks to the state’s controversial bail reform law meant “repeat offenders can be – under many, many circumstances – now held. Bail can be set.” He also explained, “many people can afford bail. People should not be deluded into thinking that bail means people are going to be on Rikers [Island] because the only people who are going to be on Rikers are the ones that don’t have any money.” Dinowitz acknowledged that crime is higher than it was a few years ago and claimed that more resources are needed for the police, DAs, and programs to help people stay away from crime.

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