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Officer Joe Burson End Of Watch: June 16th, 2021

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In Holly Springs, Georgia, a police officer, Joe Burson, was brutally killed trying to conduct a traffic stop near midnight on June 16. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) preliminary report revealed that during the stop, “the driver of the vehicle, a man later identified as Ansy Dolce, 29, of Cherokee County, attempted to escape in his car.”

The report said that Dolce sped off in his vehicle with Officer Burson attached. “Dolce dragged Holly Springs Police Officer Joe Burson, age 25, down Hickory Road until the vehicle crashed.”

According to local reports, Holly Springs Police Chief Tommy Keheley said it was a “great possibility” that Officer Burson died from the injuries he sustained being drug by Dolce’s car. Chief Keheley said, “If you had the ability to clone police officers, you would’ve wanted your officer to be Joe Burson.”

Chief Keheley described Officer Burson as a “model officer.” He said that he took the job of notifying Burson’s wife. “This is the worst day of any police chief’s job. I have had to do this before in the past. This is no different. This is just as tragic as anything I’ve experienced before.”

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GBI Assistant Director John Melvin had a heartfelt sentiment about Officer Burson, who he called “a fundamentally good man.” Assistant Director John Melvin and Officer Burson went through the police academy together. He said, “Lord, I need healing. Session 8 (Police Academy class) needs healing.”

Assistant Director Melvin said, “Joe’s family needs healing. Holly Springs Police Department needs healing. Please Lord, bind our broken hearts and heal our land. Thank you for the inspiration that you are and still are. We love you, Joe.”

The Facebook page for Friends of Holly Springs Police Foundation posted a link to donate to Officer Burson’s family. The notice said that a website for Officer Burson is in the works and thanked everyone, saying, “We appreciate all the community love and food. We are trying to coordinate food for the family of Officer Burson and also our Officers that were and are on duty.”

Mail a check to PO Box 1066, Holly Springs, GA 30142

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