Officer Tatum Meets President Trump At UFC Fight

Brandon Tatum fulfilled a dream this past Saturday at UFC 264, a mixed martial arts Pay-Per-View event in Las Vegas.

In a short video posted on YouTube, Brandon recounts the moment many of us dream of, too: meeting former President Donald Trump in the flesh.

“Finally! Finally, I met Donald Trump. Finally! I was able to shake his hand and say ‘thank you for all that you’ve done for us and this country. I didn’t say the stuff that I was mad at him about, I’ll save that for another day. But I said thank you,” the video starts.

Brandon has visited the White House six or seven times, without the opportunity to meet the man directly. Rather than being intrusive, he waited as he knew his moment would come.

It turns out their love of the Ultimate Fighting Championship brought them together, albeit a brief moment in time.

Brandon was sitting just a few rows behind Trump the entire time.

Throughout the fights, people had been invasively swarming Trump to get a moment of his time, and Brandon would not be one of them.

He also wasn’t going to miss his opportunity to meet the man, either, and decided that he would capitalize on the moment just before the last title fight.

Brandon didn’t have to make the introduction himself either. UFC President Dana White happened to show up at the perfect moment and took it upon himself to align the two men.

While there were many celebrities present, Brandon only cared about the man himself, “The only person I want to take a picture with is Donald Trump.”

Perhaps it was actually God aligning the stars perfectly for such an occurrence because Brandon had decided that there would be nothing better than the moment he took a selfie with his president.

Brandon said he greeted the former president with, “Trump, I’ve been supporting you since 2016. I love what you’ve done for this country.”

He recalled when Trump called him and Candace Owens friends during a speech shortly after his coronavirus diagnosis.

“You’re my president, you’re still my president,” Brandon shared his true feelings on the matter with the man he admires before returning to his seat.

“That was a pivotal point in my life,” Brandon stated. He admires what Trump has accomplished, becoming a real estate mogul, making billions of dollars, “the courage of a lion. He’s not perfect, neither am I, or anybody else.”

He ends his recollection of his Trump encounter with this, “Overall, the best president to ever live — so far, I think there could be people that could beat him — but I think so far, the best president we’ve had, has been Donald Trump. A man of his word, doing exactly what he said he was gonna [SIC] do, strong, bold, making – putting America back on the map.”

Before filling us in on his view of the fight, Brandon closes with a heartfelt statement directly to President Trump, as well as his true thoughts about the sitting president, “Shout out to Donald Trump, man, I appreciate you. Thank you, what you’ve done for our country, I really wish you were still in the Oval Office. The brain-dead, senile old man — I don’t understand how he’s even walking on his own at this point.”


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