Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Guns at School

Rather than talk incessantly or pass laws against people who had nothing to do with the violence, as Democrat-run Congresses (with squishy Republican support) like to do, many states are taking concrete actions to protect students and staff and prevent school shootings.

Ohio is the latest state, making it 10, to pass “a bill that allows teachers to carry firearms after 24 hours of training [and a yearly eight-hour refresher].” The law does not force school staff to carry guns, it just allows those interested and qualified to do so.

Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill and issued a statement saying it “is giving schools an option, based on their particular circumstances, to make the best decision they can make with the best information they have.”

Ten states may not seem like much, but, according to PJ Media, in 10 additional states, teachers are not prohibited from carrying firearms in schools. Texas is one of those states. But, as PJ Media noted, “that didn’t prevent the horror in Uvalde.”

But allowing teachers to carry does nothing unless some qualified school staff actually do carry guns at school. Unfortunately, in Democrat-run areas, they tend to oppose arming teachers, and likely intimidate them into not carrying firearms.

But the bill doesn’t stop at arming willing, qualified teachers. The bill also commits significant funds “for school security upgrades….” One hundred million dollars with an additional five million for upgrading security at colleges.

Even more comprehensive, PJ Media also reported the bill also provides $1.2 billion to bolster mental health treatment in schools. They will also hire 28 additional employees to work specifically with security, “including training teachers in the proper use of firearms.”

Predictably, Democrat politicians, as usual, are criticizing these effective commonsense measures. The Democrats are disappointed the Republicans won’t “consider any gun control proposals.” That’s because gun control does only one thing. It gives gun controllers more power.

Thinking people understand that not allowing law-abiding Annie, Manuel, and Omar to keep or buy an AR-15 or 9mm handgun does not stop criminal Zeke from committing violence? But it could stop Zeke from committing violence against Annie, Manuel, or Omar.

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