Olympic Superstar Gabby Thomas Receives Backlash For Being Against Olympic Boycott

U.S. Olympic track star and Harvard graduate Gabriel Thomas decided to speak out against the Olympic boycott supporters after the recent suspension of Sha’Carri Richardson from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Controversy ignited online after the 21-year-old Richardson was suspended from competing in this year’s Olympic 100-meter race after testing positive for marijuana. Shortly after the decision, several individuals on social media began to rally others in support of boycotting this year’s Olympics games. In a since-deleted tweet, Thomas decided to call out the so-called “boycott” of the Olympics and point out the hypocrisy of the leftists that support the movement.

“It really hurts to see so many Black people choosing not to watch the Olympics this year,” Gabby tweeted on July 6. “There are so many Black athletes who have put in YEARS of hard work for this moment — myself included. We want your support.”

She continued saying, “Additionally, I worry some of the anger and disdain may be misplaced,” Thomas added. “The ‘Olympics’ and those at the IOC have nothing to do with current events taking place. Additionally, I worry some of the anger and disdain may be misplaced. The “Olympics” and those at the IOC have nothing to do with current events taking place.”

Thomas immediately received heavy backlash from users and deleted the tweet shortly after. However, others on the USA team responded in support of Thomas’s opposition to the boycott, including U.S. sprinter Jasmine Todd.

“A lot of people in the black community saying they’re boycotting and I get why you’re upset, we all are. But please understand USATF is represented by predominantly black athletes. And a lot of them can and will bring home medals too. Their hard work matters and deserves support.” Todd added.

According to Radar Online, Sha’Carri responded to Gabby’s tweet in a now-deleted tweet, saying, “Athletes that haven’t and will never beat me have a lot to say about or surrounding my situation.” When the majority of them have said nothing to me, it demonstrates their characters that y’all don’t see behind the races.”

“The attention that is on track now and was because of very, very few names,” the 21-year-old sprinter explained. “So if that’s where fans support lay, you can’t be mad at that.”

Controversy surrounding the Olympics has many forms, including Gwen Berry deciding to turn her back against the national flag during an award ceremony and when FINA banned the usage of swim caps that are preferred for swimmers with kinky hair.

Despite the uproar, Thomas has been selected to replace Richardson on the U.S. 4×100 relay team in this year’s upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. She is currently the second-fastest woman of all time in the 200 meters.


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