PA Forensic Audit Of The 2020 General Election A “Very Real Possibility”

Pennsylvania State Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the Senate State Government Committee, spoke to the Capital-Star, a local report, about the idea of completing an audit similar to the Arizona forensic audit of the 2020 General election. The report claims that Senator Argall is “considering subpoenas for ballot information, but had not considered which jurisdictions would be subpoenaed yet.”

The audit would be welcomed by many elected officials in the state House and Senate as well as the Pennsylvania residents from the grassroots group “Audit the Vote PA,” who haven’t stopped pushing for transparency in the 2020 presidential election. Sen. Argall, Sen. Doug Mastriano, Rep. Dave Zimmerman, and Rep. Brett Miller reportedly met with around 50 members of the “Audit the Vote PA” group on Wednesday.

When asked if anything concrete had been decided, Sen. Argall responded, “there are a lot of things under consideration right now, and I told them to check back in a week or two, and we hope to have some more detail.”

A recent poll by Franklin and Marshall College Poll shows: “A majority (59%) of the state’s registered voters believes the state’s election laws need to be revised, although this belief is stronger among Republicans (75%) than among independefavor2%) or Democrats (46%). Overall, a majority of voters favor signature matching for mail-in ballots (81%) and photo identification requirements (74%), while voters are divided, 45 percent favor and 46 percent oppose, on eliminating no-excuse voting by mail.”

Republican Pennsylvania State Rep. Seth Grove doesn’t seem to care the reasoning behind why the election reform he is pushing for is needed. After Pennsylvania delegates went to Arizona to view the audit, Rep. Grove tweeted, “The PA House of Representatives will not be authorizing any further audits on any previous election. We are focused on fixing our broken election law to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

Still, chanting “prove us wrong,” the “Audit the Vote PA” group met on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol building to ask for the state legislature to step in and audit the 2020 General Election in the state. “Audit the Vote PA” reportedly notified its followers on Telegram that it “served Senator Argall with a notarized affidavit for maladministration for not listening to the people he is hired to represent.”

Sen. Argall is facing a $1,000 fine for every day he violates the affidavit. He says he is going to let the lawyers sort out the legality behind the affidavit. Sen. Argall told the Epoch Times, “For the last two weeks, I have said this many times: I support a forensic audit of PA’s November 2020 elections. We are now investigating the details of how to do that.”


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