PA Judge Fires Five School Board Members as “non-responsive” to Parents’ Petition

Five members of a Pennsylvania School Board, all Democrats, just got sacked. The Daily Mail reported, “Judge William Mahon ordered five of its nine members to be immediately removed from the West Chester School Board on Tuesday after they voted to make masks mandatory at the beginning of the school year.”

The judge was acting on school board members who ignored a parent petition put forth in February. Pennsylvania ended its state of emergency and the state “Supreme Court declared the mask mandate unconstitutional….”

Nevertheless, the school board continued to dictate that students wear masks regardless of the dropped state mandates and the Court’s ruling. Beth Ann Rosica, a parent, executive director of Back to School PA, and a former teacher co-wrote the petition with another parent, Shannon Grady.

“She [Rosica] said the board had no right to force students to wear masks.” She said after the Supreme Court ruling, the parents “implored… asked and begged and pleaded… and they [five board members] refused…” to comply with the state and Court.

Rosica also inferred the mask mandate was child abuse as it “suffocates…” children. It is well-established by experts at Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Stanford and by statistics that children are the least at risk in the population. It’s also now well-established that, even according to the CDC, cloth masks are ineffective.

The BizPacReview reported that Rosica told WHYY News, “I did not believe they had the legal authority to mask our children. I want to ensure they will never be forcibly masked again.”

Grady was researching what “she could do to remove the mask policy” but found something else instead. “She found a code that stated she could petition to remove members for ‘for failure to organize or neglect of duty.’ The rule states that ‘any ten resident taxpayers can file a petition for removal and the members would have 20 days to respond.”

“Rosica and the school board will have seven days to submit a list of potential replacements for the now-vacant seats.” She says there are four other communities in the district that have filed similar petitions.

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