Parents Accuse L.A. School District of Using Dirty Tricks to Get Kids “Vaccinated”

A doctor, recently fired from the University of California-Irvine after refusing to comply with the school’s so-called vaccine mandate, is now speaking out against illegally “vaccinating” students. Dr. Aaron Kheriarty, on Twitter, wrote that the “LA Unified School District [LAUSD] is vaccinating children without parental consent.”

Kyle Becker, at, wrote, “Schools in blue states are making it clear to parents that they will use every dirty trick at their disposal to vaccinate children — with or without explicit parental consent.”

The Tatum Report recently covered the firing of Dr. Kheriarty, a professor of psychiatry from CAL-Irvine, where, ironically, he also served as the school’s Director of Ethics. Kheriarty detailed the disturbing “dirty trick” he alleges officials of the LAUSD are doing. “They send your kid home with a form, and when the kid comes back to school—whether or not the form is signed—they consider the child’s presence at school ‘consent.’”

Kheriarty said these actions violate state law and “basic principles of medical ethics.” He also said it’s “disproportionately impacting ethnic minorities.” He said parents are now alert to this ploy, and the “School authorities who are pulling these stunts are now on notice.”

Becker News also wrote, as reported by NBC 4 News, about Maribel Duarte’s 13-year-old son coming home with a “vaccine card” after getting a “COVID-19 vaccine at…” Barack Obama Global Prep Academy, in LA. The woman said her son “agreed” to the shot after someone offered him pizza “in exchange.”

Reportedly, Duarte said the lady who got her son the shot asked him, “Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble.” She says she’s not anti-vaccine and has received an mRNA injection but said, “it’s different with her son.” She said her son has medical issues, including asthma and allergies.

Duarte added, “It hurt to know he got a shot without my permission, without knowing and without signing any papers for him to get the shot.”

There are currently “two cases against the LAUSD,” which contend California children cannot legally give consent and the school district cannot usurp parental authority. The lawsuit cites a similar case in Louisiana of schools vaccinating “several minors” behind their parents’ backs.

Becker concludes, “apparently, it isn’t enough to abuse children by spreading a paranoia-like fear of invisible viruses all around them that statistically pose zero threat to them if they are healthy.” He says parents need to keep a close eye on them “and hold them legally accountable.”

Citing confidentiality regarding student issues, the LAUSD declined to comment, except to say an “incentive program” is in effect “to ensure several steps are in place for vaccinated students to receive prizes.”

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