Parents of California Cop Slain in Ambush Eviscerate LA DA George Gascon During TV Interviews

It’s no secret that George Gascon has been a far-leftist tornado, destroying the Los Angeles County criminal justice system. While all tragedies are relevant, perhaps the most significant are when cops are victims. Not because officers as individuals are more valuable than anyone else, but because they represent the whole of society while on duty.

The criminal isn’t only attacking that person; the criminal is attacking the entire community.

The parents of one of two LA County cops killed recently tell both stories: the police officer the community lost and the son they lost because of Gascon’s hands-off criminal justice philosophy.

Olga Garcia, a slain officer’s mother, told Griff Jenkins on FOX News’ Fox & Friends First, “It’s not fair, Gascon needs to be recalled immediately. He’s destroyed so many lives… We’re just completely devastated.”

Garcia continued. “He’s left children without fathers, mothers destroyed. Wives destroyed. They’re never coming back, and I blame it all on Gascon.”

Last week, a suspect gunned down El Monte veteran Corporal Michael Paredes and rookie Officer Joseph Santana in an ambush, responding to a domestic violence stabbing. Police shot and killed the suspect.

Santana’s father, Jose Santana, said, “How many more lives do we have to lose for something to be done?”

Because of Gascon, the “suspect… was on probation for a gun charge at the time of this shooting,” News Nation reported.

Fortunately, something is being done. Garcia and Santana aren’t the only residents of LA County fed up with what may amount to Gascon’s criminal negligence. A recall effort recently announced they had collected the required signatures to get the opportunity on the ballot to toss Gascon out of office.

Sitting in another interview, Garcia told News Nation, “‘I can’t even look at my grandkids, because they’re so heartbroken,’ Garcia said her grandchildren are always asking for their dad. It’s not fair.’”

Does this heartrending image cause Gascon to lose any sleep at night? It’s a valid question about a man who, regardless of the numerous tragedies his policies spawn, continues to defend his indefensible misuse of the criminal justice system in LA County.

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