Pepé Le Pew, The Amorous Skunk, Axed From Space Jam Sequel: Jesse Watters Responds [VIDEO]

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Pepé Le Pew appeared in the first Space Jam movie starring Michael Jordan but was cut from the LeBron James-led sequel during production, according to Deadline.

No reason was given for the removal of the scene, but it is coincidental that the news came just after The New York Times published a column claiming the character “added to rape culture”.

FNC’s Jesse Watters takes up the case for the little guy:

Fox News host Katie Pavlich said on Monday’s episode of Outnumbered that the scene cut from Space Jam had the skunk being reprimanded for his behaviour.

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“So instead of showing people a lesson, which we’ve all seen through books and pop culture and cartoons throughout history, they’re just simply erasing it rather than teaching people about the lesson of personal space,” Ms Pavlich said.

Co-host Kennedy agreed that the scene should have been left in the movie for a “teachable moment”.

“You can cancel everything, you could cancel every comic ever,” she said. “You can pretty much cancel everything which leaves us as an undifferentiated blob.”


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