Pigeonholed Study Concludes Physics is Racist

A 22-page “study” has determined that physics is now racist. Funded by a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, the paper argued that students getting the correct answers in physics — and the teacher wanting them to get the correct answers — is rooted in “whiteness.”

The two scholars responsible for the research, one of whom is a white woman with a Ph.D. in physics, simply watched videos of four science lessons and spoke to two students and the teacher over Zoom to make their determination.

The National Science Foundation (grant number 1760761) provided $500,000 to Seattle Pacific University for the purpose of “identifying centrality and marginalization in undergraduate physics teaching and learning.”

The paper states that Critical Race Theory claims that “racism and white supremacy are endemic to all aspects of U.S. society…We see the outcomes of this in, for example, differential incarceration rates, rates of infection and death in the era of COVID, and police brutality. We also see the outcomes of this in physics.”

In the presentation, one male group member performs all the work while the other two female members crack jokes and raise issues that show they are not knowledgeable about the subject. The student who had completed all the work, at the request of his peers, presented the results to the class on behalf of the group.

While the freeloaders are Caucasian and Hispanic, the hard worker is Middle Eastern. Nevertheless, the Middle Eastern student was included in the study as an example of “whiteness” since he was “centered” (getting attention because he was the one doing the work). In contrast, the others were “marginalized,” despite their lack of any real contribution.

The paper concluded that it was racist that his presentation consisted of the correct answer, instead of incorporating his freeloading group members’ comments. It also claimed the teacher was racist because she wanted her students to learn physics.

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