Police Oversight Director’s Deplorable Statements About Cops and Jews

What happens when you commit to hiring by virtue signal checklist rather than merit? You get officials like Tamer Abouzeid, an apparent cop-hater and anti-Semite who serves as King County’s (Seattle) Office of Law Enforcement Oversight (OLEO).

KTTH 770 Radio host Jason Rantz at MyNorthwest.com wrote, “The radical activist who runs King County’s Office of Law Enforcement Oversight once defended Palestinian terrorists against being labeled as such. He also frequently posts or retweets anti-Semitic views, tropes, and propaganda.”

Rantz, and many others, wonder how such a cop-hater could have the objectivity to oversee the police. The American Jewish Committee of Seattle and the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest also wondered and they suggested King County might want to start Abouzeid on a new career path.  

Abouzeid is reportedly a prolific Twitter tweeter, “amplifying anti-Semetic viewpoints….” He allegedly wrote a letter to the Chicago Tribune titled “Not Terrorists” about Palestinians who kill innocent Jews. 



“Abouzeid is no fan of police, having served on a Chicago Democrat Socialists of America committee to defund the Chicago Police Department, efforts that led to surges in homicides and unprecedented attacks on police.” 



In a Part 2 article, Rantz continues documenting Abouzeid’s anti-cop, anti-Semitic screeds. Oozing Marxist revolutionary, Abouzeid said the “rotten” legal system “should be dismantled…, cannot be reformed…,” and “must be brought down by the power of the people.”

He calls Republicans the “white supremacist party” and says they’re racists and fascists even when they agree with him. After Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison criticized police in the Tyre Nichols killing, the ever-charming Abouzeid tweeted, “Keep Tyre’s name the [expletive] out of your mouth, Ann.” 

Abouzeid accused King County councilmembers, deputies, and sheriff, who are concerned about his statements, of “manufactured outrage.”

Manufactured outrage?” How could deputies not be outraged about having a cop-hating official, who’s supposed to be objective about their actions, overseeing them?

The man seems to have so little self-awareness, when he looks in a mirror, does he even see a reflection?

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