Police Raid Retired NYPD Cop’s Home in Ireland for Non-Working Handgun

According to a cantankerous retired NYPD officer, Jude McGovern, “No common sense prevailed in this incident. I enjoy my rum and cokes at night but I didn’t drink during Lent. I am not interested in doing anything notorious at 88 years of age.”

So reported the New York Post about a search warrant service in Swanlinbar, County Cavan, Ireland, population 200, around 100 miles northwest of Dublin. If you ever wonder why the American Second Amendment is so important or wonder what it would be like to live under an irrational anti-gun/anti-self-defense government regime, listen up.

Ireland is a beautiful country with wonderful people. But, apparently, that doesn’t inoculate it from the type of rabid anti-gun laws prevalent in many European nations (and some U.S. states). In what the Post amusingly describes as a “daring morning raid,” some 10 Irish Garda (cops) in six police cars arrived at McGovern’s apartment at about 9:30 a.m. and bashed in his front door.

The retired cop was out at the time but came back to “find four of them going through my furniture looking for my gun.” He said the incident “shattered his nerves, and he’s had to take pills to calm down.”

Livid at the needless invasion of his privacy, the crusty old cop said he told them, “I wish it was f–king loaded because I would have blown every f–king one of you away.” It seems diplomacy is optional when you’re 88.

The Irish Mirror reported, “Officers had been given a warrant to search the house based on suspicions there was a decommissioned revolver in his home.”

For clarity, “decommissioned” means the five-shot Smith & Wesson .38 had been deactivated—the firing pin was professionally removed “a long time ago.” The gun cannot be used to fire a bullet.

McGovern, who grew up in Swanlinbar, figures the cops found out about his inoperable gun from social media photos of the gun a visitor had posted on Facebook. He said he keeps the gun for sentimental reasons.

McGovern immigrated to the U.S., joined the Army in 1957, and then the NYPD in 1968.

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