Poll Finds Woke Corporations Enforcing Social Justice and ESG Not Popular with Investors

This should surprise no one. A recent exclusive Daily Wire/Echelon poll revealed, “American investors — by an overwhelming margin — want companies they invest in to stop preaching and pursue profits, and they want no part of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement.”

Once again, living in an elitist leftist bubble, as so many corporate heads do, they apparently get fooled into believing either the masses are clamoring for their “woke” nonsense or it’s worth it to force it on them “for their own good.” They’ll thank us later.

While Wall Street corporations continue to push “woke causes” on their customers, “the poll reveals they do so at their own peril.” The Daily Wire showed, after polling more than 1,000 investors, that people “seek profits…” over companies “promoting political agendas outside of companies’ missions.”

Imagine that.

Though 29 percent believed it was a “good thing” for company executives to engage in “social justice” and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to leverage their financial power for political or social means, 58 percent — double — said it is a “bad thing.”

The Daily Wire also asked investors to venture into the heads of corporate executives. A scary place. “Trying to appease their critics [BLM/Antifa/Democrat Party]” received 56 percent. “And 34% said the firms genuinely believe ‘it’s the right thing.’”

Also, by a two-to-one margin, investors believed corporate political stances were “too liberal” compared with “too conservative.”

The Daily Wire also points out that “prominent business leaders…” are growing suspicious of ESG and other involvements with social justice and “woke” ideologies. They quote Elon Musk as one significant example. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, and the world’s wealthiest person, commented, “ESG rules have been twisted into insanity.”

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