Poll Shows Larry Elder Leading Republicans In California Recall Race

New polls show trouble for the hypocritical governor. Local Fox 40 reported that the latest Berkeley IGS, Los Angeles Times, and Emerson College poll shows increased enthusiasm for recalling Gavin Newsome.

The Berkley IGS poll showed that 47% of Californians currently favor recalling Gavin Newsom among voters most likely to vote. Similarly, in the Emerson College poll, 43% of voters are looking to vote to recall.

Democrats in California are worried that these same polls predict a high Republican turnout coupled with a low Democrat showing. Newsom hit back, promising that he is “going to defeat this partisan effort.”

Gavin Newsom faces steep competition, knowing that Republicans are itching to prove California is more purple than anyone realizes. Republican candidate Larry Elder has quickly become the front runner for the California race, a recent Emerson College poll suggests.

Emerson College polled over 1,000 registered voters on who should replace Gavin Newsom. Larry Elder was top of the leader board with 16% of the vote. He ranked 10 points above his closest competitors, John Cox and Kevin Faulconer, who both registered at 6% – with 53% of voters remaining undecided in the recall race.

Larry Elder was forced to fight his way onto the ballot after Gavin Newsom’s secretary of state, Shirley Weber, told a Sacramento County judge that her attempts to block him should cease immediately. Weber was ordered to add Larry Elder to the list.

Elder said, “I think this is a race between Gavin Newsom and me. I don’t think about the other candidates.

Elder said he decided to run for California governor because he was “born and raised” in California and “understands the state.”

He said that Newsom’s ability to fundraise would put most Republicans at a disadvantage. Newsom’s campaign spokesman Dan Newman said that Larry Elder was just “another Trump supporter.” He said that isn’t going to stop him because he has “fire in the belly to see if I can do something … to move the needle in the right direction.”

Elder’s website asks Californians to “connect the dots” between Gavin Newsom’s “extremist policies and failing schools, brownouts, violent crime, deadlier ‘fire seasons,’ homelessness, businesses leaving the state and taking jobs with them, and the rising cost of living.”


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