Poll Shows Young Americans are Stepping Away from Both Political Parties

A recent Gallup poll revealed that more young American voters identify as independent. Reportedly 41% of young voters claimed to be independent, compared to 28% identifying as Democrats and the same amount identifying as Republicans. 

The Washington Examiner reports that the trend has been growing since the early 2010s and is continuing into the 2020s. John Della Volpe, the Director of Poling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, suggests that it is due to younger generations being “fiercely independent” and that they have “weak attachments” to the two major political parties in young adulthood. An August Gallup report also noted, “This disconnect may explain low levels of trust in government and poor views of both parties in general.”

However, the poll suggests the trend may be due to political parties not attempting to connect with unaffiliated voters. Additionally, it predicts that 2023 party preferences will remain similar to last year’s.

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