Pollster Says Biden’s MAGA Bad Speech Creating a “Stealth” Republican Vote

Republicans are not big on polls, lately. Many believe it’s solely because Democrat-leaning pollsters fudge the numbers. That may be true, but there may be additional explanations.

According to The Epoch Times, Robert Kahaly, the bow-tied chief pollster at the Trafalgar Group, which has been one of the most accurate polling outfits in the U.S., says Joe Biden’s MAGA Terrorists speech will make it “‘Virtually Impossible to Poll’ After Biden’s ‘MAGA Republicans Speech.”


Kahaly tweeted, “In 2016, Trump supporters were called ‘Deplorables’ and other unflattering names,” which significantly contributed to the “‘shy Trump voter’ phenomenon that ‘most’ polling missed.” He says this caused the public to lose confidence in election polling. 

But, rather than bailing from the Republican Party or away from voting Republican, as radical leftist Democrats want, it seems conservatives, libertarians, independents, and traditional Democrats are simply refusing to give accurate answers to pollsters or to participate in polling at all. But they’re planning to vote. 

Biden’s rage-filled MAGA: Ninth Circle of Hell speech, condemning half the country as “’a threat to democracy, marshaling federal law enforcement to focus on them,’ the pollster wrote. This move has created a new type of voter that will be even harder to poll or even estimate.’”

OANN said, “this will be a continuation of the trend seen in 2016 where Trump voters refused to answer polls.”

But this does not mean Trump supporters will refuse to vote.

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