Poor Public Policies Leaves Seattle Police Unable to Investigate Many Rape Cases

“In March, outside of arrests, not a single sexual assault case involving an adult victim was assigned to a detective, according to documentation provided by a Seattle Police employee.” Ashley Hiruko wrote that incendiary revelation at KUOW, but a frustrated Seattle Police Department (SPD) “whistleblower” provided the information.

Hiruko reveals a disturbing trend where “investigating sex crimes has become much less of a priority in Seattle.” Though the city’s political leadership says they’ve taken a focus off “low-level crimes” in order to focus on “violent crimes,” they’ve botched both.

Neglecting “minor crimes” leads to rising major crimes. When political leaders prevent cops from enforcing certain laws against certain people, it strangles robust public safety. Respect for the criminal justice system, even for cops, collapses. Because of the poor officer recruitment and retention, there are fewer officers to do any kind of police work, including rape investigations. Reportedly, SPD has lost over 40 more officers just this year to date, including a new hire. Hiruko points to “fewer officers to investigate these crimes.”

And, to this day, they’re still firing officers for no jab.

Newly elected Mayor Bruce Harrell has a challenge, having promised to focus on “visible crime,” i.e. street crimes. Crimes involving drug use and sales and “selling stolen goods taken from big-box stores.”

Democrat Harrell is not as radical as others, including his predecessor Jenny “Summer-of-Love” Durkan, who left him a police department bleeding officers with no imminent hope of a transfusion.

Hiruko says the two SPD employees asked to remain anonymous because sharing such information with journalists violates SPD policy. But Democrats have changed the rules—for everything. They’ve made it so even normally rules-following employees must buck convention to let people know what public safety secrets their leaders are keeping from them.

And putting rapes on the back burner is one of those secrets. One employee said the SPD sexual assault unit won’t investigate unless police have made an arrest. The employees also told Hiruko, “Meanwhile, adult victims of sexual assault have been sidelined, according to officers. It’s the visible crime that’s being prioritized, not the invisible….”

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