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Popular Children's Television Networks Use Pride Month To Indoctrinate America's Youth

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For years in America, only parents and approved school teachers would discuss sexual health education with their children once they have reached a certain age. Today, popular children’s TV networks, including Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network, are promoting “Pride Month” by teaching kids about the gay flag, queer and trans black and brown people, and more.

A prominent children’s television network Nickelodeon uploaded a video last weekend on their YouTube channel, which featured a dancing drag queen who sang about the colors of the rainbow and other flags associating each color with extremely liberal views.

“Doesn’t it just fill you with pride showing who you are on the inside? Wave that pride flag up high, be true to you.” West sings.

The performer in the video, Nina West, has also taken part in controversial Drag Queen Story Time events.


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As West sang the colors of the rainbow pride flag, “Red means life because living is a gift,” he then immediately winks at the camera as if to mock “pro-life” individuals.

Then the drag queen continued by assigning sexual identities to skin color, “Red, life. Orange, healing. Yellow is sunlight. Green, nature. Blue, harmony. Purple is spirit. Baby blue, pink, white represent transgender people and black and brown represent the queer and trans people of color.”

The video ends with a subliminal nod to BLM with a picture of the iconic black power fist.

On the first day of June, Disney launched a brand new “Disney Rainbow” collection supporting LGBTQ people. In addition, they have designed Walt Disney World with pride items and decorations and selling “colorful products, special food and beverages.”

Seven days later, Disney was hit with a lawsuit from an executive accusing the company of anti-LGBTQ discrimination and censorship.

Cartoon Network, which also airs adult-oriented nighttime programs, aired another pro-LGBT segment to their viewers.

“Cartoon Network is celebrating LGBTQIA+ kids and families who radiate joy, inclusivity and authentic self-expression,” a narrator says. Then without any further explanation, a child who goes by the name of “Jax” explains that he use “he/they pronouns.”

The network also posted numerous posts to their Instagram account encouraging kids to identify with LGBTQ beliefs.” Love is love,” one rainbow-colored post reads. Another features cartoon characters holding a banner that reads, “I am not confused.”


What used to be a private discussion between a child and a trusted adult is now an agenda to indoctrinate the young and innocent mind. For years in the United States, adults worked effortlessly to protect and preserve the minds of our children. It is now transparent that these Marxist companies would rather fatten their pockets, instead of upholding traditional American family values.


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