President Trump Speaks Openly At Sarasota Rally

President Trump’s July 3rd rally in Sarasota, Florida, had an energy that many conservatives felt meant he would run again. After the 45th President called on his wife Melania, saying, “That great beautiful future First Lady,” Grant Stinchfield, a reporter from Newsmax, said, “He is in for 2024!” The Herald-Tribune, which reported from the rally, described the event as more of a “block party than a political speech.”

At the beginning of his speech President Trump, after wishing the crowd a Happy Fourth of July, asked them to pause for a moment of silence for the victims of the Surfside building collapse. Trump called the collapse a “terrible, terrible tragedy.”

President Trump spoke for almost 2-hours to the crowd in Sarasota concerning the border crisis, touting covid vaccines, Joe Biden’s mental decline, and election integrity. President Trump told the crowd, “We are witnessing an illegal mass migration that is planned, facilitated, funded, aided, and abetted by the far-left Democrats who, thanks to a totally rigged and dishonest election, now control the United States government.”

Trump’s rally reportedly had streets lined with different vendor tents filled with Trump-themed merchandise. Event attendees, some of who reportedly started queuing at 7:00 am, were seen wearing a wide range of themes, including patriotic, pro-Trump, and anti-Biden gear.

The Herald caught up with several rally attendees to get their take on the election and ask why they continue to support President Trump. One such patron, Jo Caron, brought Donald and Melania to “life” by bringing a large cut-out of the pair so supporters could get their picture take with the couple.

Despite the kitschiness that merchandise and “life-size cut-outs” can bring, Trisha Hope, a Trump supporter who complied all of Trump’s tweets into a book, stood out in the rally crowd. She told the Herald, “I wanted to capture history in a collectible way.” She said that “this is something that my grandson will be able to flip through when he’s old enough and see how it unfolded with his own eyes and own opinion.”

“I can’t count on the media to tell me what he is saying, and he can’t either, which is why he does it himself,” Trisha Hope said.

Trisha is, of course, speaking to the censorship by big tech with anything concerning Trump. The giant tech overlords aren’t hiding their conspiracy to silence Trump. July 2, the day before the Sarasota rally, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) reported, “YouTube has suspended RSBN from live streaming and posting content to their YouTube channel on the eve of President Donald Trump’s Save America rally in Sarasota, Florida.

YouTube has also deleted all of RSBN’s coverage of Trump’s June 26 rally in Wellington, Ohio, along with his June 5 speech to the North Carolina GOP convention.” However, Trump spoke to almost 2 million viewers on RSBN’s Rumble account.

Trump goes on to tell the Democrats to finish building the wall, “it’s already paid for,” as he remarks that the steel and cement are just sitting there waiting to be used. Trump’s main message for the crowd on July 3 was that America belongs to the people as long as we want her, not the elites seeking to take her.

He said, “245 years ago tomorrow [July 4], 56 brave patriots in Philadelphia proudly declared our independence and boldly proclaimed the eternal truth that we are all made equal by the all-mighty hand of our creator.”

“For eight long years of the American Revolution, tens of thousands of ordinary citizens fought, bled, and died in an epic struggle against the most powerful military on the face of the earth,” continued President Trump.

In the moving speech, President Trump describes the brave “farmers at Lexington Green and Concord’s Bridge,” as well the “soldiers who walked barefoot through ice and snow” to fight for our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

“And they were selfless patriots who did it all so that We the People would forever rule our great country. Our movement is up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone can imagine,” said President Trump.

“But no matter how big or how powerful they may seem, you must never forget, this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you.”


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