Pro-Life Spiderman Scales San Francisco Skyscraper for Cause

San Franciscans got an early morning break from their lattes and daily routines when, at about 9:20 a.m., Tuesday, they glanced up and noticed a man climbing up the 60-floor, Salesforce Tower—on the outside. Onlookers notified the police.

The man, initially known by what was thought to be his Instagram handle, Maison DesChamps, but which the Washington Examiner later reported was his real name, climbed the building to call attention to abortion.

As FOX News 2 reported, the self-described “Pro-Life Spiderman” wanted to call attention to the abortion issue, and specifically, a long-time, controversial Washington D.C. abortion doctor.

“Spidey,” who came off as pleasant, posted videos to Instagram during his ascent, documenting his progress. “It’s going rad. It’s all good. I just wish I had a little water,” he said. FOX also heard DesChamps had contacted San Francisco police to let them know he would surrender peacefully at the top–1,000 feet up.

Onlookers also posted videos to social media they’d taken from within the building, showing the pro-life activist climbing past their office windows.

San Francisco police said their policy is, unless the “person gets stuck, or asks to be rescued, it’s generally best to monitor them take whatever actions we can to mitigate any risk and allow them to get to a place of safety.”

Onlookers on the ground commented on the speed of the climb. One person commented he’d seen him at some “20 feet up” about an “hour ago. Now, he’s up there. All the way up almost to the top.”

Another man said it was more “nerve-wracking,” for him than for the climber. “[He] Seems relaxed up there. I’m over here worried about him.” He said there might be better ways to protest for any cause.

According to FOX, DesChamps has “posted rants” online about long-time D.C. abortion Dr. Cesare Santangelo.

The “Pro-Life Spiderman” was also using his act of civil disobedience to raise money for his pro-life cause. He encourages people to donate to anti-abortion charities at his site. He says the charities he supports do not “scream at… [or] blame women, they only offer help.”


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