Project Veritas Drops Bombshell Revelation of NJ Governor’s Plans To Input Mandates

Project Veritas went undercover inside Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s campaign. The group uncovered information showing that Governor Murphy is waiting until after the election to institute his Covid vaccine mandate. His Atabey consultant, Wendy Martines, features predominantly in the video speaking in both English and Spanish along with the manager of Foward 2021, Matthew Urquijo.


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“He is going to do it, but he couldn’t do it before the elections because of the independent and the undecided. Right now is about him winning,” Martines told the Project Veritas reporter. Urquijo chimed in to say that Murphy is waiting to announce his plans to mandate the Covid vaccine because “some people that, you know, might push back” would cause him to lose the election. “Not that he won’t [get elected],” Urquijo clarified.

Martines laments those types of people who “push back” only act that way “because they are all into all that s***. My rights, my s***. And they don’t care if they kill everybody.”

“I think the problem is right now — because it’s election season — he is not going to have people say like, ‘We’re gonna have mandates now. Because you know, for some people, that’s going to piss them off,” Urquijo admits. “I think once, you know, we have a win, he’s like, ‘All right, guns blazing,’ like, ‘Who cares? I’m in it. Let’s do the mandates.’ ”

The NJ GOP Executive Director Tom Szymanski released a statement calling the video “extremely disturbing.” He claims the revelations “confirm what the Murphy campaign has been hinting at – and the NJGOP has been warning about – throughout the summer: that a second Murphy term will bring about the same type of vaccine passports seen in Bill de Blasio’s New York.”

Szymanski said these vaccine mandates only serve to further burden “the already suffering businesses” in New Jersey, adding that the mandates discriminate “against minority communities in which immunization rates are lower.”

Gov. Murphy claims that his opponent Jack Ciattarelli is falling for far-right propaganda and insists that this is merely a last-minute hit job by the Republican Party. Republicans hit back, telling Governor Murphy publically denounce the vaccine mandates or admit Project Veritas’ reporting is accurate.

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