SHOCKING: Project Veritas Releases Disturbing Video Of PBS' Michael Beller Talking About 'Re-Educating' Trump Supporters' KIDS [VIDEO]

PBS has been talking down to Trump supporters for 4 years.  PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller, is a prime example. But now he going after their kids? Talking about re-education aka enlightenment camps? Throwing Molotov cocktails?!

And this guy is (was) Principal Counsel at PBS?

PBS is funded by your tax dollars.

Watch this insanity.

Biden Admin Institutes 100-Day Pause on Deportations of Illegal Immigrants



Just who does this guy think he IS?!

And it sounds like he was actually fired.

Biden Rescinds Trump Order, Opening Path for China to Exploit US Power Grid

Don’t let the door hit ya’, Beller.

H/T Twitchy