Public Schools In VA Will Now Offer Covid Vaccinations For Free

Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia has announced that it will be providing free Covid-19 vaccination clinics at a variety of high schools across the county for students ages 12-18.

This the second attempt by FCPS to mass vaccinate children at school; after the first attempt, a significant number of people decided to take the shot. According to the county’s health department, over 344 students will get vaccinated.

Students who sign up for the vaccine are assigned a clinic location to visit based on their current school and the proximity to a site. They will also be provided transportation.

After receiving permission from their parent or guardian, students can be vaccinated during regular school day hours after signing up through the county health department.

Students must wait in the gymnasium for 15 minutes after getting their shot to be monitored by the vaccination team.

“Most people if they start to feel any side effects it’s not right away, it’s six to 12 hours later, so they’ll be at home by that time, so really not a big deal to get your shot during the day,” said Health Nurse Jennifer Beercheck. “And usually with the first dose, the side effects are less.”

Despite recent reports “of mostly mild heart problems” following COVID-19 vaccinations in young people, FCPS seem more intrigued in reaching their agenda goal than safety.

Several parents argued that FCPS efforts are very unnecessary, given the state’s overall high vaccination rate. Not only is the attempt unnecessary, but it’s also discriminatory. This decision leaves parents with religious concerns about vaccines with no other choice but to home-school their children or send them to a private school.

In January, teachers in FCPS who were already vaccinated decided not to come back to school due to fear of catching the virus, blaming the high volume of cases. So who’s to say that teacher unions won’t go on strike again once the case rises again during the following fall and influenza season?

For months, when conservatives argued that the vaccine would be pushed on children, many leftists laughed and thought conservatives to be conspiracy theorists. Now it’s apparent that the once feared conspiracy is now a reality. Virginia parents and former students must take a stand for our rights before our future generations no longer have a choice


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