Radical Left D.C. City Council Overrides Mayor Bowser’s Veto of Lax Crime Bill

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

One of the most politically protected and culturally damaging positions radical Democrats can hold is city council member. If you pay attention to the news, you are likely familiar with many of America’s destructive Democrat mayors like Lightfoot, Frey, Wheeler, and Bowser. But even aware Americans probably cannot name any city council members outside their own cities. 

These officials can hide in plain sight and create an astounding amount of damage to public safety, even when fellow Democrat leaders attempt to reel them in. Take Washington D.C., where the city council is “fixing” increasing crime in our Nation’s Capital by reducing penalties for violent crime. What happens when you reduce consequences for crime? You get more crime. 


Even leftist, pro-BLM D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser knows crime is out of control. According to the New York Post, she vetoed the city council’s “Revised Criminal Code [pro-criminal] Act.”

Washington D.C. Metro Police

According to Rick Moran at PJ Media, Bowser, defending her veto, said, “Anytime there’s a policy that reduces penalties, I think that sends the wrong message. That takes the focus off using guns or possessing guns, and I think that’s the wrong way to go.” The “broken clock” advisory may apply, but she’s undeniably right.

In another article at PJ Media, this one by Stephen Kruiser, he laments how “On the one hand, it’s not pleasant seeing some once-great American cities [D.C. and Seattle] deteriorate in rapid fashion, largely due to having been under Democrat rule for too long. On the other, they brought the deterioration on themselves by reflexively voting for Democrats for decades on end.”

Seattle PD East Precinct surrounded by CHOP/CHAZ BLM/Antifa

Why does this lockstep Democrat voting continue? Because the radical left that has taken over the Democrat Party, controlling so much of the sociopolitical and cultural institutions, has been enormously effective in demonizing Republicans, especially conservatives. 

Too many voters are more fearful of a Democrat myth about what Republicans are than they are about the reality of what Democrats are. It appears, radical leftists are a bad habit that ordinary Democrats can’t quit.

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