Rap Artist Pitbull Proclaims His Love for America and Freedom

WARNING: Some Language in this article may not be suitable for all audiences


Rap artist Pitbull proclaimed his love for America and freedom during his “I Feel Good” tour on Saturday night. Performing at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California, the rapper shared his message in the middle of his set. He said, “To whoever the f*** doesn’t like the United States of America, may God bless you, but f*** you at the same time. If you don’t like the United States of America, go back to the countries that we the f*** from, and you’ll see how much you appreciate the United States of America.”

The video has gone viral, with thousands of fans cheering his message.

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, has been an outspoken critic of communism, especially in Cuba. He is a first-generation Cuban-American and credits his appreciation of freedom with having parents who were raised under oppressive, communist dictatorship. His mother was brought to America by Operation Peter Pan in the 1960s. Operation Peter Pan was a program that brought 14,000 Cuban children to the US at the height of the Cold War. His mom was brought to Florida. It was there she met his father, who had fled Cuba.

This is not the first time Pitbull has spoken out against the dangers of a communist regime. In 2011, when asked about performing in Cuba, he said he would not perform in Cuba until Castro was gone and it was a free country. He explained, “To me, Cuba’s the biggest prison in the world, and I would be very hypocritical were I to perform there. The people in Cuba know what I stand for, and there’s a lot of people in Cuba that stand for the same. But they can’t say it.”

During the anti-government protests in Cuba in July, Pitbull released a video of support pleading with “all world allies” and “global businesses” to help support the people of Cuba. In it, he said, “Not only do we live for freedom, we ride for freedom, we die for freedom, but we motherf***ing appreciate freedom.”

In February, he compared what was going on in America with how Castro took over Cuba. He said, “I look at freedom, and I appreciate that s***. I appreciate [the] opportunity. And, that comes from the fact that when Castro took over everything — and I’m looking at what’s going on right now — the only person here that’s hot, it’s Castro. He’s going, ‘Y’all did it with a virus? S***. Y’all took over the world with a virus? Y’all gotta be kidding me.'”

In 2015, Pitbull spoke about his family fleeing Cuba and how they knew they could control their destiny by coming to the US. He’s also talked about the horrors of the Castro regime, with people in his family being murdered and losing everything they had. Pitbull has shown how to make it in America, with his net worth over $100 million.


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