Rapper Kodak Black Had A Dream About Trump

Darius Ricks

The Florida native rapper Kodak Black tweeted yesterday in high praise for Former President Donald J. Trump and even mentioned that he dreamt about him.

“Had a dream bout [Trump] last night, I love dat n***a,” the Broward County rap superstar shared via Twitter about the 45th President of the United States on Monday.

Kodak Black, like many other rappers, had always had great admiration for Donald Trump even before he became a political figure and the president of the United States.

Kodak Black and more than 140 people, including rapper Lil Wayne, were granted pardons or had their weapon charges or sentences commuted by outgoing US President Donald Trump in January.

Bradford Cohen, the criminal defense attorneys for the rappers on their pardons, talked to Fox News about the significance of Trump’s decision.

“I think President Trump and his administration have been tireless advocates on behalf of the African-American community. These pardons are a perfect example of this administration following up on its reforms and commitments. I thank President Trump for his advocacy towards justice reform. I am glad for both my clients,” Cohen told Fox.

After his release from jail, Kodak Black appeared on “TMZ Live” to explain his relationship with Trump.

“Trump a real one,” the 23-year-old rapper said. “We both be Geminis,” he added. “So Trump knows what’s up. We both be Geminis. His birthday is two days after mine.” Black added.

Several songs, albums, bands, and performances have referenced Donald Trump, and more than 200 songs refer to Trump prior to him running for president. He also made dozens of cameo appearances in films and TV since the 1980s. Donald Trump became the symbol of money and success, especially in the black community.

Despite the desperate attempts by the left to paint Trump and the Republican Party as racists, it turns out he might have found a way to connect with the African American community more than any other former president.

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