Recording: Teacher Scolded by 6th Grade Student for Attacking FOX News

Student at Redmond Middle School calls 6th grade teacher on political indoctrination

Even in schools where teachers still know it’s wrong to talk about personal political views in class, some still do it. But one teacher at Redmond Middle School near Seattle didn’t get away with it. 

Redmond Middle School has some students who aren’t about to be indoctrinated. The school seems to be a good one with, according to, “Test Scores: above average, Student Progress: above average, Equity: below average.” That last score shows why the students are above average

A 6th-grade teacher went on a tirade disparaging FOX News to his “captive” audience. The reported source of the teacher’s venom for FOX came from the objective CNN. 


In the recording, the teacher says he knows what he is doing is wrong. Jason Rantz at KTTH 770 Radio reported the teacher said, “I feel like I could get in trouble for trashing a conservative station because I’m a liberal.” 

When one student challenged his “one-sided screed,” the teacher-student difference blurred. Actually, it was more like they reversed roles. 

The student asked, “Why are you talking about politics in English class?”

The sarcastic teacher answered, “Well, it was before English class started.”  

The teacher forged ahead and said his slam of FOX News as “liars” was an “important story…,” and asked the student, “Oh, are you, like, anti-politics?”

The student astutely replied, “No, I just don’t want politics in school. You’re not supposed to be talking about politics in school.”

Whipping out his shovel to dig a deeper hole, the teacher said, “Am I talking about politics? Or am I talking about the fact that FOX News is lying?”

President Donald J. Trump

The 6th grader’s father recently spoke with Rantz on his radio show. A few months ago, his kid told him the teacher told the class, “he doesn’t like the word ‘trump…’ because he doesn’t like the president with that name. 

Then the father said something parents may want to copy. “I’ve taught [my child] to be alert to teachers talking politics, CRT topics, etc., so [my kid] always tells me if they occur.”

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