Rep. Ammons Disrespecting Fallen Officer Oberheim During Moment Of Silence

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Illinois State Representative Carol Ammons used a moment of silence intended to honor fallen Officer Oberheim to, instead, elevate families of felons like Darion Lafayette, who is allegedly responsible for Oberheim’s death. Officer Oberheim, from the Champaign Police Department (CPD), lost his life to 24-year-old Darion Lafayette on May 19, 2021. Steve Pomper reported that Oberheim was one of two officers that Lafayette allegedly shot as they were exiting their patrol car.

Officer Oberheim was responding to a domestic disturbance call when he was shot. The two officers returned fire defended themselves, killing Darion Lafayette. Lafayette has a history with the police after previously being charged with aggravated domestic violence against three different women. He was also previously charged with possession of drugs.

Illinois Republican Rep. Dan Caulkins and Republican Rep. Mike Marron helped co-author, with Rep. Carol Ammons, the resolution to respect the life of Officer Oberheim.

However, critics wonder if Rep. Ammons forgot she signed her name to honor the officer, not the criminal.

Rep. Ammons didn’t use her introduction to the resolution to blame Darion Lafayette, the alleged shooter. No, instead, Ammons blames “America’s gun problem.” “Gun violence has plagued our community for far too long. And, this morning, we are standing in recognition of the loss of life of Officer Chris Oberheim,” she said. This will be the last time she mentions Officer Oberheim by name in her speech.

Filling the intended moment of silence, Ammons begins speaking to the family of Darion Lafayette. “But we also have to call to the family who also lost a young man in this incident, Darion Lafayette. I don’t know what happened or what led to this incident,” she said.

Americans have become accustomed to watching Democrats speaking on the House floor about a topic that they “don’t know what happened or what led to [the] incident.” She says she may not know what caused it, but she knows “that gun violence is plaguing our communities across the state. And we have to do more to address the over-proliferation of guns in our communities as well as to build better relationships between the police and the community.”

She continued during the moment of silence, “So, today, all of our families grieve. Champaign grieves. The state of Illinois grieves. This nation is actually grieving.” Up to this point, there is still no mention of Lafayette’s cowardly act of shooting at the officers or killing Officer Oberheim.

She said she prays “that we can come together to address what is actually driving the violence and the murder that is taking place in our communities.” She asked the community to “uphold” the families of felons because it’s “apparently” not a felon’s fault he grabbed a gun and shot an officer; it’s the gun’s fault for existing.

“We ask for solace for all of them and that there is some semblance of relief and pressure that is put on this issue so that we can address it once and for all,” Rep. Ammons said. She spent most of her speech shifting blame and, in the end, didn’t ask for the moment of silence for the Champaign police officer.

She, instead, said, “We ask the body to take a moment of silence for the loss of life that has taken place in Champaign. And thank you, Mr. Speaker, for the moment to recognize the families.”

State Senator Chapin Rose claims that Officer Oberheim is “one of [his] best friends in the whole world.” In a Facebook post, Sen. Rose said, “Officer Chris Oberheim gave his life serving to protect those whom he had never met.” He described Oberheim as a “standup citizen.”

Sen. Rose told Breitbart that what Rep. Ammons did was “despicable.” He said, “This was a moment of silence meant to honor a fallen hero.”

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